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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

2007 -- A New Season, A New 'Matic

We've picked up stakes and moved our little circus over to WordPress.

We've got a couple of new contributors and a snazzy new page design. Y'all come on over and sit a spell, and we'll talk some Braves baseball. See you there!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Honoring the Ceasefire

OK. I overstepped and posted after Sammy had announced a suspension to the Matic. I will not post anything new till I get the all-clear. Braves remain 6+ games out of the wild-card and trail most of the NL. I'll watch what I can and be prepared for perhaps a year-end wrap-up here on Brave-O-Matic.

I've accepted that we'll not see the post-season this year. But next year we'll be back.
-A Brett

Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's a Home Win!

Well, we've lowered the bar a bit this season. So this Sunday night we celebrate that oh-so-elusive creature- the home victory. Braves best the Brewers. So what's it matter you ask? Well, we trail 8 teams in the wild-card race. Tonight the 6 teams immediately ahead of the Braves all lost. So its a big win.

Hudson had another shakey outing, allowing way too many hits, but getting out of it without giving up too many runs. Another save from Wickman. Good to see we have some respectability in the end-game now. Anybody know who leads the Braves in saves this season? We've gone through quite a number of closers. Well?.........................................Yep. Chris Reitsma. Still #1 in the hearts of Braves fans everywhere, with 8 saves. 8. In August. What the hell happened?

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Brave-O-Matic On Hiatus

In case you haven't noticed, your occasional clicks on Brave-O-Matic have yielded precious little content of late. Some combination of poor play by our trusty charges, coupled with the ravages of the dog days of August among your faithful correspondents, has rendered us mute and fairly disinterested in learning to speak anew. So we're closing up shop for a while. It's been a blast seeing our nonsensical scribblings being read everywhere from Keokuk to Korea, and gratifying to get feedback from Braves fans from all corners of the globe. We might crank it up again one day, so keep us in mind. Thanks to everyone who read and wrote.

With deep regrets, we remain,


P.S. Go Braves!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Game Notes -- August 1

Funny, I don't remember Turner South broadcasts having the kind of technical difficulties we witnessed tonight before Fox bought the network. This isn't the first time either -- why, it's enough for a person to think they're running this operation on the cheap. Just another example of profit over product?

FYI, Adam LaRoche is now 12th in the NL in slugging percentage. Anyone out there still want to trade him?

Brave-O-Matic is heading to the beach, so our sporadic posting schedule will be even more truncated than is usual. However, Brave-O-Matic Select subscribers are in luck! You'll be able to watch the debut of our webcam series "Brave-O-Matic Bocces..." First episode: Amelia Island!

Monday, July 31, 2006

From Buyers to Sellers

Just like that, the Mets (featuring the Amazing Beltran) slammed the door shut on any meager playoff hopes we might have had, and exposed our greatest weakness for all to see. Our starting rotation is the worst in the league right now, just getting hammered day after day. No end in sight, no help on the way -- it's so bad that we might be looking at a new era of mediocrity. All the money we've sunk into Hampton and Hudson, Smoltz will be 40 next year, two rookies who we insist have promise but who haven't delievered (James, Davies). And Horacio, always Horacio.

JS has one more day to see what parts we can assemble for spring training 2007. In descending order of likelihood, here are some of the prime candidates to be traded:

1) Wickman -- Hey, you know how it is when it comes time to tighten the belts. Last to arrive, first to leave. Proven bullpen arms are always being shopped this time of year, so let's flip the Wick. Possible destinations: Boston, Anaheim.

2) Baez -- see above. Possible destinations: Anaheim, Arizona.

3) Renteria -- Having a great year, he's also a 30-year-old SS whose trade value will never be higher. Possible destinations: Colorado, Minnesota.

4) Hudson -- He's the kind of guy that tends to move this time of year, but he's been so horrible that it's hard to see who would want him. Still, considering his history of success, someone might take a flyer. Possible destinations: Texas, St. Louis.

5) Giles -- Betemit's departure means it's far less likely Giles will be moved before the offseason, so we'd need a functional 2B in return. Possible destination: Anaheim.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Its Better to Burn Out

than fade away. And the Braves are going down in flames in a spectacularly unsatisfying fashion. As the Mets arrived in town, the Braves faced their moment of truth. They've failed utterly. Pitching has largely been the problem, allowing 6 first inning runs to the Mets in 2 games. Tim Hudson was smacked around again, surrendering 9 earned runs in less than 6 innings. But the hitting has been lackluster as well- Marcus Giles is the only Brave with more than one base hit in the series.

And now Chipper returns to the DL. And Betemit is gone to LA. Well, we have a fancy new set-up man, but I fear nothing will be in set-up condition. A week ago we were poinsed to march into the wild-card with our eyes firmly on the Mets. Now we watch as the Mets roll through Atlanta like Sherman. And we regress to trail 8 teams in the also-ran play-off race. Well, at least we should be able to grab some good seats at the Ted this August.

So how's your summer going?