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Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's a Home Win!

Well, we've lowered the bar a bit this season. So this Sunday night we celebrate that oh-so-elusive creature- the home victory. Braves best the Brewers. So what's it matter you ask? Well, we trail 8 teams in the wild-card race. Tonight the 6 teams immediately ahead of the Braves all lost. So its a big win.

Hudson had another shakey outing, allowing way too many hits, but getting out of it without giving up too many runs. Another save from Wickman. Good to see we have some respectability in the end-game now. Anybody know who leads the Braves in saves this season? We've gone through quite a number of closers. Well?.........................................Yep. Chris Reitsma. Still #1 in the hearts of Braves fans everywhere, with 8 saves. 8. In August. What the hell happened?


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